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SP001 is a real race car for children.

Developed and manufactured in France,

our suppliers are recognized players in the world of Sport and Automotive Design.

Automobile LEGLOIRE

The implementation of an industrial manufacturing process allows us to guarantee mass production and permanent quality control of our parts.

SP001 is a unique riding experience. Its technical development makes it a benchmark in its field.


We are a race cars manufacturer for children.

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Our chassis uses aluminum whose resistance to time is superior to metal, and whose rigidity and weight offer the best compromise.

The SP001 chassis was developed with a fixed aluminum monocoque central cell, and a removable rear half-frame in order to be able to convert its pedal car into an electric car.

The set weighs 4.5 KG when empty.

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Patented horizontal pedaling system

Patented pedaling system FR2105471

We have created a patented horizontal pedaling system to start at an early age. This offers the youngest children the possibility of starting to drive in complete safety, without risk of injury, while having a driving position close to that of a real car.

A real tool for psychomotor development, this system offers several advantages:

- very low center of gravity for better road holding

- Driving position close to a real racing car

No need for adjustments, the pedals fall directly under the foot


As kids grow, they can update the performance of the car by replacing the pedal system with an electric motor conversion kit.


The steering column has been developed specifically to free up space for the legs, and to offer effective gear reduction with an adapted rack.

The driving sensations are identical to those of a racing boat.

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The electric motor version uses the chassis and running gear of the pedal version.


The modular rear tubular cradle accommodates the motor and the batteries.


An electronic management system makes it possible to choose the top speed of the car with 3 power positions.

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Using the ICON CFD Simulation Cloud platform, we got a quick and accurate assessment of our car's CX.

Thanks to the service of aerodynamic experts ICON, we have also increased downforce by 20% without affecting the CX.

The CX of the car is 0.47


The doors and bonnets are functional in order to offer children better access on board, and the possibility of accessing the mechanics.

In addition, the opening angle of the scissor doors gives the car attitude even when stationary.


The rear cover and access to the mechanics is only possible under adult supervision

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