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Who are we?

Automobiles LEGLOIRE is a trademark registered by Renan LEGLOIRE.

Independent car designer for more than 15 years, this enthusiast of mechanical ports and car design wanted to use all his experience in the design offices of major manufacturers to develop a car for children according to current technological standards.

Thus, all digital tools, but also modern manufacturing processes were drivers for the creation of a real children's racing car.

Thanks to his experience in the world of automotive design, Renan LEGLOIRE has brought together renowned suppliers in the world of motorsports and concept car prototyping.

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MARCH 2020


Thanks to our partner KOLLER, a company specializing inprototyping, we were able to make a first style model. This allowed us to check the proportions and technical details, before launching a machining of the first rolling prototype.


The LEGLOIRE automobile project would never have been possible without the support of our partners, but also  that of our friends from the world of car collecting and design.


Many thanks to Jean Pascal, Car  who has supported us since the beginning of the project and has brought us his poetry and his vision of children's toys.

Dominique Baulande and her constant encouragement,Car

Guy Chappaz and his wonderful books on manufacturers and the history of cars for children, as well as his dedication  to bring together and make known all car manufacturers for children.

Xavier De La ChapelleFrom the, a reference in the field.


I would especially like to thank the friends from the world of Automotive Design and CGI visualization without whom we could not have had such beautiful visuals:

Maxime Ruel, Benjamin Plart, Julien Debomy


And in general, all the friends I met at different manufacturers who were able to encourage, help, advise, at different times during the project:


Laurent Chauveau, Benoit Filin, Erwin Museur, Alexis Castellvi, Séverine Santu, Gilles Monier, Bertrand, Vincent, JPP… and many more!


Thank you all !

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